The 1st PAM International Architectural Education Conference was organized by Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia (PAM) and hosted by Taylor's Lakeside University in conjunction with the 30th Architectural Student Workshop in August 2018. Parallel with the 31st Architectural Student Workshop in the year 2019, the organizer and the host, Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL) offer a continuing platform at the 2nd PAM International Architectural Education Conference (PIAEC 2019) with the theme “Sustainable Built Environment for Liveable Cities".

Sustainable Built Environment for Liveable Cities

Built environment refers to the man-made surroundings that provide the setting for human activity, ranging in scale from buildings and parks or green space to neighbourhoods and cities, and including their supporting infrastructure, such as water supply and energy networks. Built environment is a material, spatial, and cultural product of human labour that combines physical elements and energy in forms for living, working, and playing.

Currently, built environment is typically used to describe the interdisciplinary field that addresses the design, construction, management, and use of the man-made surroundings as an interrelated whole, as well as their relationship to human activities over time (rather than a particular element in isolation or at a single moment in time).

A sustainable built environment is one that enables people to live well within specified conducive environmental limits.


The primary objective of the 2nd PAM International Architectural Education Conference (PIAEC 2019) is to gather professionals, experts, practitioners and industry movers from various fields and backgrounds throughout the world to disseminate their knowledge and share their expertise and vast experience with participants. This is a perfect venue to deliberate on emerging trends, threats and challenges in the sustainable built environment. It will also become a platform to publish research findings and results on sustainable built environment, and other related fields for ensuring sustainable nation building in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Date: Thursday, 1st August 2019

Venue: 211, Post Graduate Discussion Room, Level 2, Block 11, Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Ikram Uniten, 43000 Kajang, Malaysia